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A Traditional English Football Club

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Monday, 2 February 2015

Tim Cahill, there's only once place to go

Our of our finest players ever Tim Cahill leaves New York Red Bulls and is now a free agent.
There is so much speculation across the internet with Fox News saying he's going to Everton and others saying he's going to China or some saying he's going back home to Australia.

The road home

Everton supporters are saying he can come back to Goodison Park as a coach because he is 35 years old and wouldn't have the legs for the Premiership. I don't think Tim Cahill would do that yet but what would I know. I do know that Neil Harris mentioned something about a super signing or words to that effect.

I do remember when he left Millwall back in 2004 to join Everton I read that he said he would like to come back to Millwall one day. We are awaiting young sir

The outcome

That was wishful thinking as he signs for Shanghai Shenhau which is some team somewhere in China. It must have been about the money, which is to be expected as he has to think about his family and his future..