A Traditional English Football Club

A Traditional English Football Club

Millwall FC-- A Traditional English Football Club

1885-131st Anniversary Year-2016 *We Fear No Foe*

Dockers Day 2011 and Dockers Day 2012

 Saturday 5th February 2010-2011 season,  Championship,  Millwall 1 Doncaster 0 att. 11.427

Over the years Millwall FC has been supported by many dock workers from the north and south side of the river Thames and as a tribute to them this yearly event has been put together and has been running for five years. It is organised by the club and by the fans with people like Chris Bethell and Peter Garston putting in plenty of hard work to make this event happen successful. This is the first one that I have fetched a camera and hopefully it records the day for you to enjoy.

The 5th annual Dockers day coincided with the visit of Doncaster Rovers.

Doncaster Rovers turn up

The East Stand is renamed the Dockers Stand, I heard a few moans about this re-naming of the East Stand but I like it.

This special day was hi-lighted by the appearance of some of the 1987/88 squad that played throughout that season and succeeded in winning the old 2nd division title that took the Lions into the top flight for the very first time.

Before the game

Teddy Sheringham is mobbed and kept busy signing autographs as he returns to the Den.

The man himself  Tony Cascarino

The ex Dockers take the applause

Les Briley and Co.
Other players such as Danis Salman, Terry Hurlock and Ian Dawes take the field.

A near full West Stand

Doncaster pack their six yard box.

This day was bloody freezing.

Millwall take the three points.

Saturday 18/2/12 The 6th Dockers Day Millwall 0 Bolton 2 FA Cup 5th round att. 11,320

As well as the ex Dockers at the Den, their was the team who won the 4th division title in 1961.
This lot were before my time so I never saw them play, but I am sure there is still loads out there who did.

To be continued.........