A Traditional English Football Club

A Traditional English Football Club

Millwall FC-- A Traditional English Football Club

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The Death Of The South London Pub

A 10 minute walk from my house near Camberwell I found seven dead Pubs( I missed one so it should have been eight)

A closed down Loughborough Hotel, Lilford Rd  SW9

My "local" the White Hart which is now flats Lilford Rd SW9

The Mucky Duck Coldharbour Lane SE5 now a crumbling eyesore

The Wickwood corner of Eastlake Street SE5 now flats
A good few years back this pub would have been the local for John Major.

I cannot remember what this one was called but it is now a restaurant
Coldharbour Lane SW9

The Green Man now a Lambeth Council Skill Centre
Coldharbour Lane SW9

The Warrior, ex pub on Coldharbour Lane SW9

Here's the one I missed the Paulet Arms in Paulet Road SE5

I walked 3 minutes from Paulet Road towards Camberwell and found another two.

I think this closed pub was called the Denmark Hotel? 
Denmark Road SE5

The Rose and Thistle at the top end of Warner Road,  now the London College of Theology

I knew by living in the area that pubs were disappearing fast, the amount of pubs near me that have closed in the last 10 years and are now flats or Bookmakers etc is many,  but when written in the local newspaper that there is more pub closures in South East London that anywhere in the UK it did not surprise me. Most of these pubs have a long history and were part of the community, a traditional way of life is being wiped out.
That's a terrible state of affairs. Apart from the lack of traditional customers due to the migration of them moving to Kent and elsewhere, and of course the smoking ban does not help I am sure It's all about a quick developers profit and no long term thinking comes into play.  We will never get these pubs back once they are knocked down as local councils will not give planning permission. When there gone there gone.
It only took me 10 minutes to take the pictures of the old pubs and if I was to do a mile circle around my house I think it would reach forty+, I will do this one day.

The above dead pubs are the tip of the iceberg and across South London there are hundreds more of these pubs boarded up or being used for goodness knows what. By no means are they back street pubs but many are famous pubs in prominent positions. The Old Kent Road has just two traditional pubs left and other  pubs such as the Green Man near Downham are boarded up eyesores.

Here's another dead pub

This one at the end of Lilford Road  SW9 used to be called the White Horse, it became a Tapas Bar and now it's shut and migrants hand wash cars in it's car park

I was going past this dead pub in my firms mini bus, it's located about 3/4 mile from my house..

This one used to be called The Castle.  You can read what it is used for now.
Located near Camberwell Green SE5

Going further a field.near the Elephant and Castle
The Hand in Hand   It now looks like it's got squatters

26/4/12 Going, Going, Gone---The Hand in Hand is no more

As mentioned earlier 
8/6/10 The Green Man near Downham a few miles away.
So frigging sad.

Update, 4/4/12 bulldozed, the Green Man is no more, even frigging sadder.

Near to Millwall's ground in Ilderton Road SE16
5/6/2010 The Barnaby or should I say it's rotting corpse

Update 17/9/2011 The Barnaby is no more.

This ex boozer not to far away from Millwall FC is in Green Hundred Road 
The grubby wreck of The Free Trader near the Old Kent Road
5/7/2011 update

All the above pubs are still in their present state or have been pulled down. The empty ones are decaying a bit more as every day passes......perhaps that's the plan!

This will make you sad  http://www.closedpubs.co.uk/

20/10/11 Yet another pub near to me closed. There's a notice on the door saying that it is only closed temporary. I will have to wait and see. 
22/1/12 still closed.

The Sun and Doves, Coldharbour Lane, Camberwell, SE5

22-1-12 The nearest pub to me has joined the long list. Closed and empty
Lilford Road SE5. The Robin Hood and Little John up for sale

Going, Going, Gone
22/1/15 The Robin Hood and little John is no more


The Rising Sun, Catford, South London

23/12/11  This pub has been empty and derelict for years and it has a personal touch to me as my Dad was part of the firm that built or renovated it when it was a Charrington Pub  in the 70's-80's.

23/10/11 A bit more closed down stuff in South London,  Pubs, Police Stations, Petrol Garages and Public Loos.

I find it very odd that the population of England is greater than it has ever been but apparently we need less pubs, cop shops, petrol garages and public loos.  

23/10/11 Closed for ever, Penge nick, now available to property developers