A Traditional English Football Club

A Traditional English Football Club

Millwall FC-- A Traditional English Football Club

1885-131st Anniversary Year-2016 *We Fear No Foe*

Saturday, 10 April 2010

Millwall... Whats it all about

When you do something and you know you should not be doing it, but you carry on and the end result is disappointment or blood. How many of us have cut a piece of wood and the saw has jumped and ripped a finger(s) or banged a nail and whacked a thumb..0uch!! Supporting Millwall FC is so much like that and you almost brace yourself even in the good times expecting something non-positive to happen, disappointment in play off failure, losing a game we should have won, losing by a dodgy penalty or crazy decisions by referees that seem to stack against us and of course the media, a half eaten meat pie chucked on to the edge of the pitch at the Den was covered in all the newspapers and even made it on the television, as soon as I saw that pie I thought "here we go we will get slaughtered for that and of course we did" Grimbsy fans fight the police at Burton Albion and the Police draw batons but it hardly gets a mention. Life would be much better if we all went off and supported Manchester United or Chelsea, just imagine the happiness we would have, our new club would have money, world class players and we would have success. We would not have to pay to go and watch them because they are always on the telly. We could buy a shirt and support the best.

Where's the whacked thumb in that?