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A Traditional English Football Club

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Friday, 30 December 2011

Millwall v Crystal Palace 31-12-11 Championship

30/12/11 3o/c  I have just finished trawling through Palace forum postings regarding this game and...............
About 50% say that Millwall will win  but one of them wrote that Palace will win 6-3. A good few of them hark on about how the Lions beat them on the first of January 2011 and don't want to be on the receiving end of another thumping again on the last day of the same year. Now that's understandable and a Millwall win as I see it will see them enter the dark room of depression and despair.
They seem to be obsessed with the size of the crowd and there is loads of chat about their allocation of tickets and how their box office is crap. They are also chatting about how many we will have at home for this game and they have been talking about and guessing the full attendance, their guesses range between 12,300 to 18,500. They are worried about not selling their full allocation of tickets and don't know why as they can take 4.500 to Manchester on a weekday but not 2000 just down the road to the Den..............
"I know why, but I will let them work it out for themselves"

As for me predicting what Millwall may do regarding the game, I am saying nothing apart from " I am quietly confident"
After the game...
Millwall 0 Palace 1.....well I was wrong, even though we defended stoutly our front line was severly lacking.

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