A Traditional English Football Club

A Traditional English Football Club

Millwall FC-- A Traditional English Football Club

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Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Mail Online.....a crooked agenda

18/11/12     Millwall 1 Leeds 0
It just don't stop....after the Leeds game the Mail Online prints rubbish regarding a Leeds player getting racial abuse. The Mail Online had to quickly withdraw this allegation as the supposedly abused player El-Hadji Diouf  spoke to Millwall and said that this did not happen. Not one of my favourite players but fair play to him bothering to put the record straight.
Where did the Mail Online get this crap from, was it Twitter or did they just make it up, probably a bit of both knowing that shower of sh*t. This is another example of biased, lazy and incorrect news reporting. I would not insult the name of journalism as it doesn't even come close, they are scum of the highest order with a crooked agenda.