A Traditional English Football Club

A Traditional English Football Club

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Monday, 15 April 2013


What a long day that was....me and me boys

It felt like the final not just a semi

We decided to leave for the game early and took the scenic route around the M25 and went from junction 3 to junction 16 and approached Wembley from the north with the Millwall flag proudly in the back window. Like I said we were well early so we had a wander around Wembley while dodging the rain and having a crafty beer on the street without being spotted by the police who were very keen to stop anybody drinking anywhere near Wembley.  I know "anti social behaviour and all that" but just a couple of crafty cans don't add to much. It rained quite a bit and I got soaked and what with the beer I spent most of the time looking for somewhere to pee. There is nowhere to do this bodily function and a few Porta-Loos wouldn't go amiss.

Party time down Wembley Way

Going in-Millwall on the left-Wigan on the right

The game it's self
Danny leads them out

I was disappointed with the first half as we didn't offer much and got caught with the sucker punch with no one in defence that left David Forde unprotected as Wigan scored their first.
In the second half we were much more up for it and threatened the northerners goal but lacked the necessary fie power to equalise. This is something we have got to sort out quickly as we are still not safe in the league and we need a win Tuesday night. Substitutions were brought on as the game progressed which added a bit more bite but Wigan scored their second with 12 minutes to go and that was that. 

A strange thing went on

A row started below me and to the left which appeared to involve about twenty blokes. From a distance I could not pick up what the row was about but my view was good and I saw some Millwall supporters arguing with other Millwall supporters about something or other. This went on and off for about 25 minutes and within that twenty five minutes a good few punches were thrown and people fell about over the seating and fell over each other. It looked like a good few were pissed. What was strange that in this time span of about 25 minutes no police or stewards turned up and it was down to some of us around this brawl to try to stop it, I have just watched a video that backs this up. A few minutes later the police turned up whacked a few people who were nearest to them and then disappeared.
They must have a policy at Wembley that the stewards are their to meet their health and safety requirement and not much else.

As a Millwall supporter gutted to see Wall on Wall carrying on like this around our younger supporters and I am not surprised that those with a sense of decency around this behaviour tried to stop it. I knew the press would slaughter us for this and the Sun the next day were up to their normal tricks...Millwall fans riot etc. Not a riot, more a pub brawl, but not acceptable. I now hope that John Berylson does not say I'm off. Hopefully this will never happen again and I cannot see how it could as the lack of response from Wembley stewards and the police would never happen at a club ground. As long as the supporters learn from this we should be all right.

There was plenty that didn't