A Traditional English Football Club

A Traditional English Football Club

Millwall FC-- A Traditional English Football Club

1885-131st Anniversary Year-2016 *We Fear No Foe*

Sunday, 22 December 2013

Millwall 0 Middlesboro 2 Championship 21/12/13 att: 11,178

Following on from last weekend and the 3-2 defeat up at Blackburn

The first defeat in seven home games and Steve Lomas gets abuse. I do not think the abuse was just about this defeat but a accumulation of crap tactics and crap performances by the Lions this season that have frustrated us supporters more or less on a weekly basis and of course those that have been waiting in the wings for a opportunity to slag Lomas off were quick off the mark with their abuse, Sky were there and perhaps some were playing up to the cameras.

A wet and windy day, we couldn't manage to string a few passes together and lumped it at every opportunity. We were woeful and looked clueless and with some of the crowd turning on Lomas it made the Den a unhappy place at the final whistle for Lomas and all of us. I sense dark days on the horizon, I just hope I'm wrong.

I cannot see how Lomas can turn this around. It appears that he can't manage the team so there is no way he can manage the crowd. He's got to go, there is no hope. I hate all this but needs must.

Click on link >> The last few minutes and the abuse starts