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A Traditional English Football Club

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Friday, 14 February 2014

Millwall v Bolton 15/2/14 goals I'm sure will flow (hopefully)


This has got to be won.I sense that things are starting to come together. Millwall have not been playing in a stiff, scared to lose type of way, in fact the opposite, I wouldn't say cavalier but we are finding chances and with a Ian Holloway's tactic of playing four to six strikers, goals I'm sure will flow. We have been lively but we do concede and that is probably the product of leaving our self exposed at the back due to half the team playing up front.This system can work as long as we are disciplined and put the effort in to cover most of the pitch. Individual mistakes will leave us short. There will be a game when we all click and I'm hoping it will start tomorrow.
The Game

15/2/14 League Game 31 Millwall 1 Bolton 1 att: 10,007

Did we click, not absolutely but we we was half decent.

Looking back on what type of game it was it's hard to quantify. I think it was exciting because I was never bored. There was always something going on, we had chances but gave away a silly goal when Alan Dunne was playing at centre half (Paul Robinson not fast enough) got nowhere near Bloton's Jutkiewicz who headed the ball it to the Lions net on 15 minutes. I'm sure that Paul Robinson would have got to that ball. We had chances and had some decent paly throughout the game but when Ian Holloway once again bought on a clump of strikers all at once in the 56th minute. Simeon Jackson, Scott McDonald and DJ Campbell joined Morison and there seemed to be a period of 10 minutes when the players were running around trying to work out what they should be doing. Once we had worked it out Woolford scored one of his well taken goals and we pushed on to get the winner. I'm hoping for a win up at Barnsley. We should do it, after all they are crap aren't they ?

22/2/14 Barnsley 1 Millwall 0  FFS we take about 550

The travelling 'Wall told the players as they walked off the pitch exactly what they thought and some of the players such as Morison and I also have been told Malone gave a bit back. Another poxy day and another poxy weekend.That result is the lowest of the low, because after all Barnsley are crap, aren't they?

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