A Traditional English Football Club

A Traditional English Football Club

Millwall FC-- A Traditional English Football Club

1885-131st Anniversary Year-2016 *We Fear No Foe*

Sunday, 4 May 2014

3/5/14 Millwall 1 Bournemouth 1 Millwall 0---We finish the season in promotion form

3/5/14  Championship Game 46 Millwall 1 Bournemouth 0 att:15,779

After a long old season when gloom, despair and not even a small chink of light visible at the end of the tunnel seemed to be on offer Ian Holloway offered us his beliefs that we could win four or five games in the last seven of the season. Some scoffed because we had not being doing anything like that all season, I presumed that we all hoped we could...

...and we did and no, we're not going down with the Yeovil

48 points and the last eight games read DWWDWDDW
Game 13 of 13 "Ollie's Cup Finals"

Bournemouth fans sing 'you are going down with the Yeovil. They don't know us do they?
Two days of drunken daze followed this one, then I remembered that we have just avoided relegation and not won promotion so two days was enough. Up the Wall

*48 points*

 Dockers full of rockers, roaring on the Wall

A while back, seven games ago to be precise Ian Holloway wanted four games to be won and a odd draw. This mounted to thirteen points and enough to keep us up. We done all that was required and earn't a few extra points on top. We finished the season unbeaten in eight games and one of the clubs in the division with the best current form. This all leaves us four points off the last relegation spot. Doncaster, Barnsley and Yeovil take the tumble down to League 1 and Birmingham survive by the skin of their teeth.

After a amazing end to a season that in the end finished too soon the players come back out, some with their kids and receive a big thank you and a standing ovation.

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