A Traditional English Football Club

A Traditional English Football Club

Millwall FC-- A Traditional English Football Club

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Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Rotherham 2 Reading 1, 28/4/15 *** finally put out of our misery

Well that's that then. Bournemouth promoted to the Premiership, Rotherham survive and although we have improved under Neil Harris we have only managed two points in our last three games and we have been relegated to the wilderness of division 3. Does anybody know where Fleetwood is?

On the bright side.
The sufferings over. For next season the chance to stiffen up, have a plan and come back to the Championship with a bang, hopefully. Not forgetting we have handful of academy players who either have been regulars this season playing for the 1st team or doing well with the under 21's or out on loan and doing well elsewhere. I think the future is looking bright.
I would also put a few bob on the odds that next season Rotherham will be on their way down as we pass them coming back up. We were poor for long periods of the season and it showed because Rotherham beat us home and away.and it's those two defeats that sealed our fate, it should never have happened.

We have gone down with Wigan and Blackpool, two recent Premiership clubs and you wonder what happened to the parachute payments. Both these clubs have had Millions to spend and not much to show for it, our biggest outlay was probably the settlement to make management changes to put Neil Harris in charge. Talking of ex-managers there's still one more game to go and it's against Wolves, should be interesting.

Bottom five as it stands: Brighton P 45, 46 pts,  Rotherham P45 45 pts,  Millwall P45 41pts
                                          Wigan P 45 39 pts,  Blackpool P 45 25 pts